Artesian Elite Features

The Artesian Elite series from Artesian Spas is the most customizable spa on the market. Each seat will have DIRECTFLOW Controls to adjust pressure on that specific seat. Each seat has it's own pump for unmatched power. Each jet can be turned back and forth to adjust pressure and jets can also be swapped with other jets in the spa. This allows you to have spinner jets on your neck one day and massage jets the next. 



The DIRECTFLOW controls are on each seat. There is a dedicated pump to each seat that can be personally controlled.

Midnight Glow

We add every possible light option to the Artesian Elite. There will be lights inside, on the top rail, on the Allegro Fall, on the Bellagio Falls, on the top rails, the kickrail and the four corner panels. 

Bellagio Falls

You will have four Bellagio Falls, two on each side. They can be turned off if you desire. These falls will glow with bright LEDs!

Allegro Fall

This is a 24in. waterfall on the taller side of the spa. It has LED lights that can change colors like the rest of the lights in the spa.

SpaTouch Screen

Easily control the spa with a bright LCD screen. The screen can flip the image to face inside or outside the spa.

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