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All Seasons Shield Cover

The material of this cover outpreforms a vinyl cover for three main reasons. It is easy to clean, it doesn't fade, and it won't crack from sun exposure.


This cover will last longer and look better over the years in comparison to a vinyl cover. 




All spas are full foam insulated which provides the most efficient heat retention.  It also increases the strength and life of the shell. 

10 Multicolor LED



LED Lighting products produce light approximately 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs. 

Superior Plumbing and Construction



Everything inside the cabinet is hassle free. All main components are easy to get to and organized to save time and energy.

Floating SmartChlor System


All of our Garden Spas come with a FROG @ease floating system. This system consists of to cartridges that snap together.


The blue cartridge is a mineral that lasts 4 months. The silver cartridge is Smartchlor that lasts 3-4 weeks.


Smartchlor technology uses 75% less chlorine than normal granular or tablets. This system won't smell like chlorine, bleach swimsuits, or dry out your skin.

Lifetime Warranty on the Structure



Artesian guarantees that the strucutre of their spas will be warrantied for life! 

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