99% concentrated chlorine

Quick dissolving

Maintains sanitization levels

Brominating Tablets

98% Bromine

Slow dissolving

Long lasting

Less odor than chlorine

Brom Start

Increases bromide reserve in spa

One time use with fresh water

Helps maintain bromine levels


Alkalinity Up

Raises total alkalinity

pH buffer

Prevents corrosion

Protects spa & equipment

Adjust alkalinity before pH

pH Decreaser

Fast dissolving

Lowers pH level

Protects spa & equipment from scaling

pH Increaser

Fast dissolving

Raises pH level

Protects spa & equipment from corrosion

Calcium Up

Prevents corrosion

Raises calcium level

Prevents foaming

Protects spa & equipment


Oxidizing Shock

Non-chlorine oxidizer

Perfect for mineral systems

Quick dissolving

Destroys contaminants

Metal Magic

Removes metals from water

Prevents scale buildup

Removes metallic stains

Erodes existing scale

Protects plumbing & equipment

Sky Blue Clarifier

Removes suspended particles in water

Improves clarity

Works quickly

Gentle Spa

Fresh fragrance

Added moisturizer

pH neutral

No oils or additives

Won't clog filter

Makes water soft and silky

Reduces eye & skin irritation

Prevents scale

Lasts months

Natural Clean

All natural


Highly concentrated

Made for hot water

Eliminates scum

Enhances clarity

Reduces filter maintenance

All information was provided by CJ's is an authorized platinum Proteam dealer. All chemicals shown are kept in stock.



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