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Check out some of the one of a kind features of this luxury spa line

Artesian Elite Spas are designed with only the highest quality materials and the latest innovations in technology, including DirectFlow Controls. These controls allow you to adjust the pressure of the pump and air controls on each seat individually.


With each DirectFlow seat having a designated pump, we guarantee a unique and exceptional experience every time you step into the tub.

Bellagio Falls, Water Feature with LED Lights

The Allegro Fall is a large 24 inch waterfall with LED lights. These lights will change color with the rest of the lights in the spa. 

This beautiful water feature is the perfect addition to the Bellagio Falls. Listen to the tranquil sound of a waterfall while relaxing alone or with friends and family.

The Midnight Glow LED Package is included in the price on all of our Artesian Elite Models.

This includes LED lighting added to the inside, the Dual Footblasters, the Four Bellagio Falls, the Allegro Fall, the DirectFlow Controls, all four Corner Panels and all around the bottom of the spa.

DirectFlow System, Personal Controls

There are four Bellagio Falls in each model. All four falls have LED lights that will change color with the rest of the lights on the spa. These can be turned on and off depending on your preferences that day.

AllegroFall 24in Led Waterfall

Learn more about how the Artesian Elite line was created by watching this video by Artesian Spas. You'll see behind the scenes planning, timelines and their inspiration in creating the most luxurious spa on the market!

We understand that maintaining a hot tub can be a hassle. That's why our spas include the FROG @ease Mineral Inline System - the perfect solution to keep your spa crystal clear with minimal effort.


With the use of SmartChlor technology, you use up to 75% less chlorine than normal granular or tablets. The SmartChlor cartridge gets changed every 3 weeks, the mineral every 4 months. With this innovative system, you'll enjoy a more natural and less irritating spa experience that is better for both you and your hot tub.

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