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Covana Oasis
Midnight Edition

The Covana Oasis hot tub cover is a game changer. With three retractable shades, you can create your own private oasis. Enjoy your spa in every season. The multicolor LED lights provide a warm ambiance that is perfect for relaxation.


The Covana Oasis Midnight Edition comes in a black ceiling, black roof and black seal with grey sides. Don't worry about the weather ruining your hot tub experience, the weatherproof design will keep you and your guests comfortable no matter the conditions.

First, pick one mural

Rockies - Opaque


Coastline - Semi Opaque

Blue Velvet - Semi Opaque

Island - Opaque

Zen - Opaque

Second, pick two shades/screens

slate shade.jpeg

Slate Shade

black shade.jpeg

Pure Black Shade

mocha shade.jpeg

Mocha Shade


Sun Screen

Special: Panoramic Rainforest Shades

Covana Oasis Panoramic Rainforest Shades
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