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South Seas LED Adjustable Pillowfall

LED Pillowfall

Relax in the comfort of the warm water while the pillowfall gently massages your neck and shoulders. You can turn it off or adjust the pressure with the dial next to you. With the added bonus of LED lights, this pillowfall creates the perfect ambiance for a peaceful and serene soak. This is available and included on most South Seas models. 

DynaStar LED Package

DynaStar LED Package

The DynaStar LED Lighting Package is included with all of our South Seas Deluxe Spas. You'll have inside lighting, cabinet lighting, top rail lighting and lighting in the pillowfall. You can keep all the lighting on one solid color or blend through all of them! The LED lights are made with quality and durability in mind, ensuring long-term enjoyment of your hot tub experience.

FROG Mineral Inline System

FROG @ease Inline System

Use up to 75% less chlorine with the FROG @ease system! It's low maintenance, won't bleach your swimsuits, doesn't have that strong chlorine smell, and is hidden in the acrylic shell so it's out of sight! It can't get better than that! Only change the SmartChlor (silver) cartridge every three-four weeks and the Mineral (blue) cartridge every four months!

South Seas Strong Adjustable Neck Jets

Adjustable Neck Jets

Relieve the tension in your neck and shoulders with the South Seas neck jets. These jets are placed below a neck pillow that you can rest your head on while the neck jets alleviate the stress from your day. They are positioned above the water level up and over your shoulders. This is one of our favorite features. The neck jets are available and included on most South Seas models. 

Hydrotherapy Adjustable Jets

Hydrotherapy Jets

Each seat contains a unique array of jets. Each jet is strategically placed with key pressure points in mind. You'll have a combination of different sized directional, spinner and massage jets. Each jet is adjustable by turning it back and forth. Along with adjustable jets, you have adjustable air controls. Add more or less air bubbles through the jets to make them stronger or softer. Customize each use of your hot tub depending on what aches that day. Invest in yourself by purchasing an Artesian Spa and feel your aches and pains melt away!

All Seasons Cover

All Seasons Shield Cover

Our All Seasons Shield Cover is included with all of our spas. This material is 3x stronger than traditional vinyl covers, ensuring ultimate durability and tear resistance. The reduced weight also makes it convenient to manage, without compromising on performance. To top it all off, it’s environmentally conscious with recyclable materials.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Artesian Spas is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their spas are sold in 68 different countries!

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