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Dual Footblasters

The dual footblasers have their own dedicated pump to offer all around relaxation.

Tranquility Fall

If you close your eyes, the tranquility fall will transport your mind to a resort with calming running waters. At night, it lights up in any color you desire. This feature can be turned off if you prefer complete silence while relaxing. 

Pillow Fall

The pillowfall is one of the LED water features that can be turned on or off. Relax while listening to water flow or turn it off for complete silence. 

Hydrotherapy & Microsilk Technology

The MicroSilk® option enhances the spa experience by creating a luxury oxygen-rich, micro bubble massage that works double time as a deep cleansing and rejuvenating system.


Increased Hydration - Increased oxygen results in cellular respiration
Enhanced Skin Cell Growth - Oxygen improves collagen strength
Therapeutic levels of anions - Shown to reduce scars & reduce skin irritations

All Seasons Shield Cover

The material of this cover outpreforms a vinyl cover for three main reasons. It is easy to clean, it doesn't fade, and it won't crack from sun exposure. This cover will last longer and look better over the years in comparison to a vinyl cover. 

LED Lights

These lights will shine your favorite color or blend between all the colors.

Kickrail Lighting

Kickrail lighting brings the appereance of your spa to the next level. 

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